Jr High All Star Celebration

March 23rd, 2018

Junior High All Star Celebration

The Junior High Celebration night starts at 4:00pm with check-in.  The on-court session starts at 4:30pm.  Anyone is more that welcome to stay along the side of the gym to observe the athletes.  The athletes will get a break at 6:15pm.


This break allows the athletes to rest up and for the gym to be set up for the big event!


Game Details

Doors: 7:00pm

Tip-off at 7:30pm

Senior High All Star Series

April 14th, 2018

Senior High All Star Celebration



Due to the overwhelming response to our event this year we have modified the schedule from what was earlier published!

9:00 AM               Check In

9:30 AM               On-Court Session begins

11:45 AM              Teams and Uniforms

12:00 PM             Grade 12 Pictures

12:15 PM             Grade 12 Practice Time

                              Grade 10’s & 11’s Pictures and Break

1:00 PM              Everyone – Perspectives on Recruiting Talk

1:15 PM               Grade 10’s & 11’s Practice Time

                              Grade 12’s Break

2:15 PM               Grade 10’s & 11’s Game 1 Team Smigorwosky/Lawal vs Team Marion/Bowie

4:00 PM               Grade 10’s & 11’s Game 2 Team Schmuland/Dubuc vs Team Nkerabahizi/Smith

6:00 PM               Grade 12 Game Team Brulotte/Hunter vs Team Frostad/Schmuland (12’s plus invited players from first two games)